Watch out - here comes the Google IPO. How much stock can you get?
Is Google IPO of Stock FINALLY Happening? Get the latest news...

Updated: 02/23/20 07:42:20 am

The stock market has been less than attractive lately, but this Google IPO of Stock could light a technology fire! - really a hot topic. 

Google Official Site to register for Google IPO Shares:
Register for Google IPO Shares

Google announces more details on it's IPO: 24.6 million shares to be offered at a price ranging between $108 and $135 per share. Egads, what happened to the "little guy" getting shares.

See Our Fun Estimates Chart 
below -- what is Google stock worth?

Just the Facts (as we see them of course):

  • Will the average investor be able to get stock? May be... It was rumored and seems to be confirmed that Google will do an online "Dutch auction" type distribution many of its' shares. The lead underwriters are Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston. 

  • Does Google make money and if so what share price does it deserve? Yes, it makes money. 2003 Revenues $962 billion with earnings of $106 million! And 2004 appears to be on tract for even larger numbers! The following table contains some "crude ReallyHot" estimates that you may find interesting. (if you lose a fortune, don't blame us -- this is "for fun" estimates and you should check with your financial advisor before making any investment)


  • Who gets rich on this deal? The list may surprise you! 
    The two founders and other key Google employees of course -- Sergey Brin and Larry Page. 
    - But these people also stand to make a good deal of money: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shaquille O'neil, Tiger Woods and a few other well know figures.

  • What? Why Schwarzenegger, Shaq  and Tiger? 
    Being already wealthy, these people have investments in venture capital related funds that helped finance Google during the early days. Firms and funds such as the "Angel Investors Fund" and Sequoia Capital. 

  • How do I buy Google stock?  
    It's confusing, so we are going to refer you to the best write-up we have seen on the subject -- see  ZDNET - Want in on Google's IPO?


We are NOT financial advisors!  This is for FUN ONLY! If you lose a fortune on the Google or any other investment, don't blame us -- you should check with your financial advisor before making any investment.

Google Estimated IPO Price $108 - $135
Google IPO Shares to be outstanding after the offering 269 million
Google Estimated IPO Date July, August, September?

Amount Google is to Raise in the offering

$3.3 billion

Google Estimated Market Capitalization after IPO

$36 billion
2003 Google Revenue $962 million
2003 Google Earnings (past 12 months) $191 million (that's about $0.71 per share

IPO Price?   Who Knows, but using available numbers a traditional offering could be in this range. (note: this does not take into account demand or over subscription which would push it a bit higher)

Earlier we reported: $17 to $25 (Wow! were we wrong or what -- 

Our Early Prediction: Google trading price in open market? (This assumes a lot: Say 400 million shares, will have and can maintain a PE similar to Yahoo of 100-130, etc.) 

If people were to go nuts like back in the internet boom days, this number could get substantially higher.

$42 to $55 (Wow! were we wrong or what -- 

WHAT IS THE GOOGLE IPO STOCK WORTH? Lots of investment people are working on that one, but for a few interesting estimates SO FAR...

at $135 share price, using trailing 12 months earnings 
it's coming out at a trailing
PE of 190

Google trailing PE is 190
Yahoo trailing PE is 109
eBay Trailing PE is 73

Susquehanna (a respected investment firm) said in a release: 
At $135 per share and using 2005 projected earnings Google will be trading at a projected PE of 39 -- compared to Yahoo at 42 and eBay at 52. The forward looking numbers make it look almost reasonable!   Not cheap and possibly very fully valued.  If the financial projections are off for 2005, watch out!





Founders' share holdings (Sergey Brin & Larry Page)

$38 million each

Sergey Brin & Larry Page's worth following the IPO

$BIG - 1.5 to 2 billion each (Wow! Try $5 billion! each)



Link to us and keep up with the latest on the Google IPO.

ReallyHot Google IPO News  Google IPO of Stock May FINALLY Happen! Get the News, Get the When and Know What You Are Buying.

<a href="">ReallyHot Google IPO News</a>Google IPO of Stock May FINALLY Happen! Get the News, Get the When and Know What You Are Buying.



Follow these links and they will do the searches for you in Google (world's most used search engine):

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Some General Information on IPOs: 

Why is it the little guy can't get any IPO stock?
Simple... all underwriters (Morgan Stanley, Goldman, etc.) take care of their biggest and best customers first. That is wealthy individuals and INSTITUTIONS (mutual funds, pension funds, etc.). Individual brokerage firms (including the online ones) only get a small allotment of shares and then they do the same thing - give it out to their biggest and best clients. 

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