Kobes Case Covered - The Kobe Bryant Case and Kobe's Accuser!

Updated: 02/23/20 07:08:44 am

Still think it wasn't about the money?
Katelyn Faber re-filed her sexual assault lawsuit against Kobe Bryant in federal court Thursday, using her real name. 

Lawyers for the 21-year-old Eagle woman had asked Colorado U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch to let her remain anonymous. They said she had received death threats following her highly-publicized claim that she was sexually assaulted by the Los Angeles Lakers basketball star. 

Her lawyer was quoted as saying: "This is a very remarkable young lady," Wood said. "Under the circumstances, she’s doing well......   By Karen Abbott, Rocky Mountain News October 14, 2004

We have to agree with her lawyer about how she's doing. And, even if she isn't doing all that well at the moment, things should get a bit better when she gets to make a  multi-million dollar deposit!



Old Case History:

Kobe Bryant Defense Team Gets Their Way
The judge in the Kobe Bryant trial ruled Friday that Kobe's accuser sex life during the week of their encounter can be used against her at trial.
Finally the judge admitted that the woman's sexual activities in the three days before her hospital examination are relevant to help determine the cause of her injuries and the source of D-N-A evidence. 

Good move on the prosecution's part... they let the defense claim Kobe caused the physical injuries, which opened the door for the judge to allow Kate Faber's past sexual activity as evidence -- overriding the Colorado rape shield law!

Rape Shield Law Says: ... a woman's sexual history is "presumptively irrelevant." It's designed to protect the victim from humiliation, thus encouraging her to press charges and participate in a trial. Without it, women suffer in silence, and justice is emasculated.

Although not much was said, this ruling also directly challenges the credibility of Kobe's accuser!

Should Kate Faber's Past Activities be allowed to be used in Kobe's defense - we may get a judge's ruling on this today... Only our opinion here, but if there is any truth to the accusations that Kate is promiscuous, we say yes. We also believe that any common man or juror may feel the same way.

"Detectives testified ..... accuser [Kate Faber] had sexual relations with at least three men in a 15-hour period surrounding the [Kobe] incident."  Sure sounds pertinent to the case to us! 
Quote from By Ed Wiley III,  Staff Writer for BET.com

1/20 McDonalds terminates Kobe's endorsement contract.
McDonald's has severed ties with troubled basketball star Kobe Bryant, costing him another valuable endorsement while his case proceeds in Colorado. Management at McDonald's announced Monday that their three-year agreement with Kobe expired on December 31, 2003 and has not been renewed.

Furthermore, they were reported to have said it would be inappropriate to comment about any future sponsorship relationship associated with Kobe Bryant.

Kobe's weekend "fling" is turning out to be ONE EXPENSIVE little date!

10/20 5:07 Katelyn Faber / Kobe Bryant Case... It goes to TRIAL says the Colorado judge! 

Katelyn Faber / Kobe Bryant Case  expected to be held over for trial. BUT, remember that does not mean there HAS to be one! There is still room for Katelyn Faber to propose out-of-court settlement even if the case is held over for trial. Katelyn Faber has way too many options at this point -- Kobe Bryant has none.

Katelyn Faber could propose an out-of-court settlement (which Kobe would have to consider so he can get his basketball life back on tract); OR, Kately Faber can see a trial through and then file a civil suit against Kobe Bryant after the criminal trial completes.

10/16 - Kobe Bryant trial is sure to happen.. At least that's the way we see it. As poor as the job of the investigators was and as weak as the prosecution atty appears to be to us, the public outcry would be enormous if this case did not make it to trial. It's VERY doubtful the judge will rule a trial is not in order. 

The Kobe Bryant trial is looking more and more like a O.J. rerun. Evidence is there but investigation is somewhat botched; and, a fight between defense and prosecution like a boxing match between a heavyweight champion and a and a lightweight contender! Does this Kobe Trial sound like O.J. all over again? Does to us...

10/11 - Kobe Bryant trial is slow in coming. Prelims may finish next week. Then we start talking about the trial -- if the judge deems trial is in order.

9/18 - In relation to Kobe's trial, it was reported that a 31 year old bodybuilder named Patrick Graber of El Segundo, California sent a letter to the Director Of Security for Kobe Bryant stating that he could make Kobe's problem go away. Reportedly the suspect said he could make the accuser (Katelyn Faber) not come to court, have a drug overdose, or disappear. Graber was "stung" and arrested by law enforcement officials. Graber's bail is set at one million dollars and face a hearing around September 22nd.

9/10 - Kobe's lawyer issued a subpoena to the judge calling for Kobe's accuser to testify at the hearing. BUT, Katelyn Faber's lawyer says "testifying at the hearing would subject the 19-year-old woman to needless "anxiety and intimidation." and want the  subpoena dismissed.  Well BOO HOO... If she can't stand the heat, then she should get out of the kitchen!

Not much to report on the Kobe Bryant trial / case in fact, but there have been some good rumors. MSNBC just reported that they had EXCLUSIVE information on what happened in the room between Kobe and his accuser (Katelyn Faber).  Seems Katelyn Faber decided to talk a bit . MSNBC reported that Kobe Bryant had invited the Katelyn Faber to his room. Kobe kissed the accuser and she wanted to leave, but Kobe blocked the door. During the encounter Kobe grabbed the victims neck with his hand, thus leaving a hand print on her neck. This was the extent of MSNBC's report

Kobe Bryant Settlement Rumor scrolling across TV screen - Kobe Bryant offers to settle case! Kobe Bryant attorney denies rumors of plea bargain negotiations and said she intended to take the sexual assault case to trial. The rumor was that a $5 million settlement offer to Kobe's accuser was made. 

Reported 8/17/03
Kobe Bryant Trial: Started? No! The actual trial will likely not begin until next year, but as far as we and the media are concerned the Kobe Bryan trial (Kobe's trial) is off and running. The prelims will be October 9th, but Kobe's trial will be played out in the media with every tiny information leak. 

Reported 8/7/03
MSNBC Kobe Bryant Trial: Vail news reporter says: Has inside sources and nobody heard a ruckus in Kobe's room, no anal sex happened, there was no 2 hour ruckus in the room -- impossible -- Kobe was in the hotel less than 2 hours. 

Reported 8/7/03
Now we wait for the Kobe Bryant Trial next step - October 9th. Until then we are wait (and hope) for news leaks, because the real interest appears to be Kobe's accuser's motive for taking this forward.

Reported 8/6/03
Assuming there is no "change of venue" this will mark the first of MANY trips Kobe Bryant will make to the courthouse in this small town.

Kobe Bryant's first experience in a this new type of "court" (not a basketball court) will be brief -- estimated to take 10-15 minutes in court where Kobe will be advised of the charges against him. Kobe will not have to enter a plea.

It was reported that Kobe Bryant hoped to avoid his initial trial appearance, but the judge in the case (Judge Frederick Gannett) ruled otherwise. His attorneys also lost their battle to keep cameras out of the courtroom.

The next logical step in the process would be a preliminary hearing -- this is when the good stuff (information) goes public.

Kobe's trial is likely to be LONG, so stay tuned for updates!

Maybe Kobe should ask to be traded to the Denver Nuggets to cut down on his travel time?

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