New York Blackout, New York Power Outage - 02/23/20 - East Coast Blackout / Black Out - the Blackout
New York Blackout / New York Power Outage -- East Coast Blackout

new york blackout, new york power outage, blackout

Updated: 02/23/20 07:43:56 am

New York Blackout / Power Outage -- East Coast Blackout : Hot Story

8/25: The New York blackout "blame game" is on and the story is over! Government officials and committees will now beat the subject to death, raise our costs for electricity, enter the "analysis paralisis" phase sand likely accomplish nothing to prevent a future blackout.

8/17: The blackout "blame game" is on! The blackout is being blamed on everybody by everybody. Experts are saying "we told you so" and NOBODY really knows what happened yet. Most of New York has recovered from the blackout, but portions of Detroit are still dark.  

A massive power outage (blackout) has hit New York and most of New York state as well as other Northeast American cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Detroit and Cleveland. 

According to sources on the New York East Coast power outage blackout, no indication of the cause of the poser outage has been reported, but initial reports from the White House and Department of Homeland Security indicate no foul play by terrorist organizations.  Power outage (blackout) witnesses reported seeing a fire at a Con Edison power plant in New York city.

The power outage (blackout), hit at 4:15 local time, impacted offices, subways, municipalities and airports including JFK, Newark Airport and LaGuardia. The power failure means no lights, no air conditioning, no elevators AND NO COMPUTERS in many cases.

One report is that the blackout was caused when the Niagara-Mohawk power grid was overloaded. The grid provides power for New York and stretches into Canada. The officials quoted in this report said the outage is a natural occurrence and not related to terrorism.


Get the full story:

CNN article on New York East Coast power outage / blackout

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