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Updated: 02/23/20

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Bob Hope Dead Dies after 100 Years of giving to others.

New York Power Outage - New York Blackout Count on nothing happening!

Google IPO  Done -- it's no longer an IPO. Goog is a publicly traded stock.

Kobe Bryant & Katelyn Faber is she having second thoughts?  We still have the history.

Kobe and Kates Trial  

MIRT -Traffic Light Changer, Stoplight Changer - WAIT at LIGHTS NO MORE! A device (called the MIRT) is being sold that will change the traffic light or stoplight to green just before YOU get to the light! See our full story here -

Kate Middleton a Queen to be? All our original stuff is still here!

Nintendo DS HOT, HOT Game System and Just in time for Christmas! 
















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